Quality of Life


The New York City Council is one of the most hyper-local forms of representation. As such, I believe it must be a priority for Council Members to protect and enhance the quality of life in their neighborhoods, and provide responsive and effective constituent services.

My campaign priorities include reducing our homeless population, fighting overdevelopment that undermines the character of a neighborhood, cracking down on unreasonable construction noise, enhancing community policing efforts, and funding projects that improve neighborhoods, such as park improvements and trash and rat reduction.


As a member of the advisory board for the 30th Street Men’s Shelter, I have worked as both a concerned community member and an advocate for the homeless.

A specific solution to combat the city’s homelessness problem is to introduce a program to provide short-term rental assistance and services. The purpose is to get people housing quickly and efficiently, and for people to stay put. The research shows that this program is less expensive, and participants are homeless for a shorter amount of time than those who find shelter with transitional housing.

Additionally, we need to make sure that we combat the cycle of homelessness by ensuring that there is a proper plan in place for people leaving the shelter system. Building supportive housing on NYCHA property, instead of implementing the current “NextGen NYCHA” plan (an in-fill development plan to essentially privatize this property with 99-year ground leases) would be an important next step.


The crush of development and noise at all hours of the day and night, without regard to the impact on our families and neighborhoods, is unfair. The City is too quick to greenlight projects and permit the most disruptive kind of construction. As the Council Member, I will prioritize a more balanced approach to development that protects the integrity of our neighborhoods, and holds developers accountable for unfair noise pollution.

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